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Christ is first and ALL. I've been on the field, Pro.  I've been behind the wall, Con.

Now I'm back from the grave of failure with #iCONVICTION (click above).

"depth of character determines length of influence"


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Wed, May 27th @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: I MAY B hot. I MAY B cold. And I MAYevenB warm. But one thing I will not be, is one who conforms. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

A thermostat does not conform to its environment, it transforms its environment. It dictates the temperature, bringing the degrees of separation into agreement with its regulation. It instrumentally influences cold air....
"i invite YOU in": U MAY B "a SOLDIER" (Memorial Day Tribute)
Mon, May 25th @ 6:30am
To communicate the law of HIS WITNESS, be a soldier. Be prepared, purposed, and perceptive.

The dynamics that make up an athlete may also be found in a soldier. However, the soldier is not playing a game—he is fighting with his life on the line. There are certain elements that a soldier embodies that make him comparable to a Christian. Sometimes, it is these very qualities to which a nonbeliever is attracted because they tend to naturally engender respect. With the wise application of Scripture verses, and not bashing heads with the Bible, a soldier can wield his weapon with power and precision accuracy. This requires the delicate handling of Scripture—treating it more like a sniper’s rifle, and not....
Sun, May 24th @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: Oh, it really is simple. Imagine being the child of a great King, because you are! In fact, turn your imagination into a realization. Since you are a child of the Most High, leave the difficulties to Him and know that He desires simplicity for you. Don’t overcomplicate life--simplify it-- because it is your simplicity that diminishes strife. It is the simple thought that produces the simple word, making simple that which is easier understood. Yes, it’s that simple!

Remaining simple is not showing a lack of education. In fact, to be simple like a.....
Sat, May 23rd @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: Do you have a life song? How about making your life a song that lives by the right track and moves to the right groove. There is nothing explicit about your lyrics nor offensive about your music. U MAY B THE ONLY BIBLE SOMEBODY READS, making you the only revival that somebody needs. Let your life-song sing for you! But right now it's time to sing along with me....

A song is vocal music. Whether rung out, rapped out, or....