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Christ is first and ALL. I've been on the field, Pro.  I've been behind the wall, Con.

Now I'm back from the grave of failure with #iCONVICTION. 

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Tue, Aug 30th @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: In God's economy, yesterday's agony is the recipe for today's glory. If you have to look back, do so only to see the fingerprints of God's grace in your past; and then move forward into the blueprint of God's perfect plan for your life. You see, God has allowed the make-up of your yesterday to fittingly prepare you for the rising up of today. Seize the day for God's glory!
Mon, Aug 29th @ 6:30am
Well, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, which is in polar contrast to the recent beautiful weather. I so desire to be in the sun and feel its tanning kiss on my skin. Yet the current “cold” in my system has me avoiding the outside heat. Nonetheless and here is the lesson said best: whether you’re feeling under the weather, whether you’re experiencing good weather, or whether you’re going through rough circumstantial weather—whatever the weather—when you are...
GIVE it to GOD
Sat, Aug 27th @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: Never let success get to your head, give the glory to God. Never let failure get to your heart, give the guilt to God.
Fri, Aug 26th @ 6:30am
Matthew Maher presents Daily Dose: The believer in Jesus is not merely improved, but radically transformed. They've gone from death to life, from darkness to light, from slavery to authority, and from wretchedness to righteousness. The world should be able to see such a transformation and either meet it with hate and persecution or curiosity and attraction. Either way, the believer in Jesus should be obviously different from the world and its ways.