September 5th, 2018
Truth Over Trend (The Purpose of an Impossible Impasse): Cape May County Herald

(Actual Column Online) It is certainly frustrating when God brings you to an impossible impasse. These are situations in life that your hands cannot handle, even though you so desire to be able to fix them on your own.

By nature, especially men, we are fixers. So God puts us into a fix—which is a situation that cannot be fixed—in order to prove that He is the Fix that we originally missed because we were too caught up in trying to fix our fix.

Confused yet? I know I am.

So why does God lead us this way then? Because anytime He leads us to an impossible impasse, He does so because He wants us to recognize that He is the only possible path. 

He so often brings us to a point of inadequacy to show us the level of our own maturity. You see, without my faith being tested, I would never know how much I actually trusted.

With all that being stated, I know it is not easy to deal with these situations in our lives. For example, just last night I thought I had fully committed this impossibility to God, but when I woke up this morning, my hands must have grabbed right back what I thought my heart had let go.

But I need these morning moments of anxiety because they show me the level of my maturity. In other words, whatever dominates your thoughts upon the first wake is usually indicative of where you are at in your faith.

Thus, it is the impossible impasse that gets me to trust the Lord so He can direct my paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). I don’t always like the way God chooses to work, but I have come to learn how His way always works.

When our backs up against the wall, where do we lean?  When we can’t see a way out, where do we look? Perhaps the fix is this, how, instead of looking to fix our dilemmas, we just need to fix our eyes on Jesus.

[Maher is the teaching pastor at Coastal Christian Ocean City, and is the president of Soldiers For Faith Ministries. Social Media and website: @TruthOverTrend]

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